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Snow Leopard Vegan Weightlifting Belt

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Maximise your core support for added performance with the PFP Snow Leopard Vegan Weightlifting Belt.

This belt is crafted with high-quality PU leather and microsuede to maximise quality and durability, making it a worthwhile investment for your training. It’s strong, supple and with a sweatproof interior.

The peak-a-boo vegan Snow Leopard belt means you look business on the outside – with a hint of leopard print. And your wild side is in full show on the inside.

This belt comes with either a Double Prong or an Adjustable Lever Buckle. These belts are for heavy squats, PR-ing on your deadlift, or giving you that added core stability in heavy lifts. Perfect for powerlifting, weightlifting, and recreational gym sport

  • The Adjustable Lever Lifting Belt means that once you set your belt to your size, you’re ready to go in one click, with the ability for micro-adjustments as well.
  • The Double Prong Lifting Buckle allows you to easily adjust your belt to your size, with two prongs for 100% security.


  • 10mm thick
  • 10cm (4 inches) wide
  • Vegan microsuede black exterior
  • Vegan PU leather snow leopard print interior
  • Product colour: Black / White
  • 100% Vegan
  • Strong Steel Buckle – Adjustable Lever or Double Prong
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Designed in Australia

Double Prong Size GuideLever Belt Size Guide

  • Why: Weightlifting belts offer core support and stability as you lift, translating into better performance in your training.
  • How: They help lifters brace. Using a belt and bracing correctly against it increases intra-abdominal pressure, helping you stay more secure throughout the lift.
  • Strong: Our weightlifting belts are durable and don’t break, tear, or wear out. They will enhance your workouts offering support for your core.
  • Comfortable: Made from vegan PU leather and microsuede, the weight lifting belts are designed to be supple, flexible and super supportive.
  • High Quality: Reinforced stitching and a steel buckle make our vegan weightlifting and powerlifting belts sturdy enough to always have your back.
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