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Plant Forged Physique was created to be your one-stop destination for all things vegan coaching, nutrition, training, and plant-based supplements, apparel, and equipment.

We understand the additional knowledge and know-how required for a vegan diet – and are committed to helping you achieve your goals while staying true to your plant-based lifestyle.

We have purposely curated a range of items for the ethically conscious fitness fanatic and aim to create a line of plant-based gym accessories to support the growing vegan athletes throughout the globe.


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Who We Are

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Both the plant-based, health and fitness industries are rife with misinformation, so called ‘wellness’, dogmatic ideals and quick fixes. We structure ourselves around evidence-based nutrition and training protocols and science-back products to help you achieve those results with peace of mind.

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We build relationships with our clients and customers, focusing on quality over quantity. When you join Plant Forged Physique, you become part of our team who are there to support you on your journey.

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We’re outcome oriented and work on not just the physical transformation, but help our clients and customers maintain the mental drive, focus and dedication required to get the best results for themselves.

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Down to earth

Vegans and plant-based diets are often associated with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. That’s not who we are. We are level headed, honest, open to discussion, and have a no-fuss approach.

about the founder

Meet Coach Caitlin

Caitlin is a passionate plant-based coach, vegan bodybuilder, bodybuilding judge, Sports Nutritionist with the Sports Nutrition Association, and ASCA-certified Strength & Conditioning coach. She is also a medal-winning IFBB athlete and insured contest prep coach.

She spends much of her time developing her knowledge and skills around sports nutrition, with a speciality for strength sports and bodybuilding. Her results-driven approach provides clients with completely customised, evidence-based programs to maximise outcomes without compromising health and happiness.

About the managing partner

Co-Owner, Cassandra

Cassandra blends her expertise in brand building, marketing, and sales with a deep passion for health, fitness and environmental sustainability. With a robust background in FMCG and extensive experience in the dynamic Toy industry spanning over a decade, she’s bringing her innovative approach and strategic vision to create Plant Forged Physique’s cutting-edge products.

Behind the scenes, Cassandra is spearheading the development of new plant-based nutrition and fitness products tailored to support your health, exercise, and athletic goals, all while ensuring a strong ethical and environmentally conscious focus.

Cassandra is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of plant-based nutrition and exercise product innovation, shaping a future where fitness, sustainability, and excellence intersect seamlessly.

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