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The Vegan Supplement Cheat Sheet


Say goodbye to nutrition confusion with industry expertise in our evidence-backed guide. Discover which supplements are right for you and learn how to incorporate them effectively for your health and fitness goals to achieve maximum support and results.


Scientifically Proven Strategies: Expert Guide to Evidence-Based Plant-Based Supplementation

Learn the expert knowledge behind plant-based supplementation with this comprehensive guide crafted by Plant Forged Physique founder, Head Coach, vegan bodybuilder and Sports Nutritionist Caitlin Arnold.

Drawing from a decade of experience and evidence-based information, this guide is your roadmap to optimal muscle growth, improved health, fat loss, enhanced performance, and faster recovery—all tailored specifically for the plant-based lifestyle.

Discover the science-backed micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and sports supplements that will propel you towards your fitness goals. Learn when and how to take each supplement, the optimal dosage, which products to embrace, and which to steer clear of. Plus, gain access to exclusive discounts to maximize your savings while maximizing your results.

Discover topics and learn more about:
  • Expert insights on supplements for muscle growth, health, fat loss, performance, and recovery.
  • Personalised guidance on tailoring your unique supplement stack for maximum effectiveness.
  • Industry-leading advice on determining if and when you truly need supplements, and which ones suit your specific needs.
  • Exclusive discounts, product recommendations, and more to accelerate your journey to peak plant-based health and fitness.

This guide isn’t just informative—it’s your ultimate guide in the world of plant-based and fitness supplementation, ensuring you achieve your desired physique, excel in your workouts, and elevate your overall well-being. Say hello to your new go-to resource for unlocking the full potential of your vegan lifestyle.


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