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I have learnt more about nutrition and training with Caitlin than I have in 10 years. My experience has been incredible.

Caitlin's communication is emotionally intelligent, validating, investigative, solution-based, informative and evidence-based - and is above and beyond what I have expected, and I appreciate it!

I could not recommend her enough to keep you accountable to your goals, give you the tools and direction you are seeking, validate the challenges you are facing, and support and provide solutions.
Lucinda Simmons
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Caitlin is always there with a solution or a way to shift my thinking or to help me see I’m making progress. Working with her has created more awareness about all factors in my life - not just training and nutrition; but sleep, mood, energy, etc.

She brings a unique level of understanding and compassion and will work with you to find strategies that work for your life and situation to achieve the goals you want.
Bec Jefferis
vegan plant-based testimonials
I would strongly recommend Plant Forged Physique to anyone who needs a bit of guidance on their exercise routine whilst on a plant-based diet.

Caitlin is an amazing trainer who is passionate & incredibly helpful. She is always on hand should you have any questions about nutrition or exercise and will always take the time to explain her recommendations and advice in an easily digestible but informative way.
Tommy Carey
Caitlin’s coaching has affected enormous change in my life in only a few short months. Her coaching has enabled me to be aware of and strategically make changes to eating behaviours and training patterns that do not serve my goal of gaining weight and increasing in strength.

Caitlin is personable and professional. The support I’ve received from her during our first training block has been excellent. The programming has been incredibly detailed and varied. I feel connected to my body and goals in a way I have never experienced. Where I was apathetic and unmotivated with my routine prior to receiving coaching from Caitlin, I am now anchored in the routine of a challenging and rewarding program.
Alice Everingham
Caitlin has given me the tools and guidance to push toward my goals and see what is possible when you stick to an effective plan. I have seen results, not only fat loss but also my knowledge of nutrition, my discipline with nutrition and training and increased confidence in myself.

She gives you really detailed feedback every week and helps to overcome any nutrition or training obstacles.
Lily Ireland
After seeing the impact Caitlin's coaching had on my wife I decided to join. Since then I've had nothing short of an amazing experience. Personable, insightful, and supportive and the results have been great. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone!
Joel Simmons
vegan plant-based testimonials
Working with Caitlin has been an awesome experience. Her knowledge and dedication truly show. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great Coach and motivator.
Fabian Acosta
Caitlin, you gave me the knowledge about what foods to eat, an excellent exercise training program that I have stuck by, and the physical and mental changes in my life have been fantastic!

I couldn’t fault her ability to coach someone into a healthier lifestyle, and due to her mentoring, I have learnt self-control with eating portions and now exercise 5 times a week! Thank you for all your help Caitlin, and I’m forever grateful for helping improve my health!
Tom Burrows
vegan plant-based testimonials

The constant support offered by Caitlin was amazing. Together, we were a team. If I contacted her with a question she would get back with an answer as fast as she could. I loved our weekly check-ins which were always fun. And I always looked forward to Caitlin’s guidance and opinions about my progress.

I learnt a lot about nutrition - and I loved it! When I started, Caitlin created some custom meal plans for me to use as a template - and as I learnt more, we brought in more flexibility. It was so interesting to learn about macronutrients in foods.

Over time, my clothes started to feel loose - and I went from a size 14 to a 10 and lost nearly 20kgs. People asked what I was doing as I looked fantastic. I’m feeling strong and healthy. I’ve continued to train at home by myself, and to this day have rarely missed a workout. I now love working out 5 days a week!

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