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Personalised Consultations



Do you want to improve your knowledge of vegan nutrition and ensure you’re on the right track towards your health and fitness goals?

We provide personalised consultations to answer your questions and give you the guidance you need to ensure you’re on track towards your goals, for a fit and healthy plant-based life.



Are you a coach looking to expand your knowledge and support your vegan and plant-based clients more effectively?

We offer a specialised consulting service designed to help coaches navigate the unique challenges and requirements of your vegan athlete or bodybuilder.

Service FAQs

No! We work with a range of clients and specialise in a variety of dietary approaches that fall under the umbrella term “plant-based”. You might be vegan, just curious about going vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, and everything in between.

Our coaching is not a “holier than thou” vegan club or an agenda to push veganism onto people. We are not the vegan police.

Our goal is to provide education and support around plant-based diets, and we embrace anyone who has an interest in it, no matter if you’re a lifelong vegan or it’s your first time trying a vegetable.

When you eliminate whole food groups, like you do on a plant-based or vegan diet, there’s complexities and challenges, such risk of exposing yourself to nutrient deficiencies – if poorly managed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t thrive, build muscle and be just as competitive (if not more) than your meat-eating counterparts.

A specialised vegan coach can provide the knowledge, eye for detail, and expertise to ensure their athletes are truly at their best. Read more about the considerations / differences of coaching plant-based athletes.

As each client has different goals, needs, and can be at any stage of their journey, we have multiple coaching packages and pricing options to suit everyone. Please let us know what you are after, and we can provide a relevant package to suit you best.

Both! We coach anyone with a performance, physique, health and fitness goal – whether it’s powerlifting, weight loss, a marathon, bodybuilding, or muscle gain!

Timings depend on the goal and your current stage of your journey. Generally speaking, we recommend the longer you work with a coach the better the outcome you will have.

Feel free to get in touch and we’re happy to advise the best timings for you.

We coach online – which allows you to get support no matter where you are. We’re lucky enough to work with clients across the US, Europe, UK, Australia, Middle East and further abroad.

It depends! We provide nutrition and training programming for bodybuilding, lifestyle, fitness, strength and power sports.

But we’re not going to pretend we know the specific in’s-and-outs of every training program for high-level sports. If you’re at a highly competitive level, we can recommend a coach to manage the training portion of your program – much like we’d recommend a plant-based sports nutritionist (like us!) manage your nutrition.

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