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VPA Leucine – Plant Based Muscle


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Leucine – the missing piece for building plant based muscle.

Getting enough Leucine is essential if you’re trying to build muscle on a vegan diet.

Leucine is one of nine essential amino acids that our body must obtain from food. It is most well known for its muscle-building properties – specifically to create muscle protein synthesis. When it comes to growing muscle, if you don’t have enough leucine it’s like trying to start a car without a key.

Leucine is most prominently found in animal products, like chicken, beef, pork, tuna, dairy and eggs. So vegetarians and vegans can have a hard time getting consistent and adequate doses of leucine to optimise their muscle growth, repair, and recovery.

A solution is to have 2-3g of leucine powder at each main meal that doesn’t contain a complete protein like soy. This is especially important for vegan athletes and those wanting to make sure they’re building as much plant-based muscle as possible.


Add 1/2 teaspoons or 2-3g to 200ml of water or Juice. Stir, shake or blend for 20 seconds or until completely dispersed


200g. 100% Pharmaceutical grade Leucine

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