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Creatine: The Plant-Based Athlete's Guide

Creatine: The Plant-Based Athlete’s Guide

Creatine is one of the most affordable and widely used supplements among casual gym-goers and athletes. Despite the extensive research available on creatine, there is still a lot of confusion and misinformation about its usage, safety, efficacy, and effects on body composition. Let’s break it all down, especially in the context of a plant-based diet.

Savoury plant-based protein pancakes

Recipe: Protein-Packed Savoury Pancakes

Introducing a savoury twist to your protein intake with our Protein-Packed Savoury Pancakes! This versatile recipe uses unflavoured pea protein to create a delicious, high-protein option that breaks away from the usual sweet protein powders. Perfect for any meal, these pancakes are packed with nutritious ingredients and seasoned to perfection.

unpacking vegan protein powder preview image

The Vegan Protein Paradox

Learn how plant-based diets can meet the elevated protein needs for optimal health and fitness, while navigating the difficulties of getting protein on a plant-based diet

weight lifting belt (1500 x 1000 px) 1

Should You Use a Weightlifting Belt?

Thinking about using a lifting belt? Or maybe your training progress has plateaued? Learn more about the what, when and why behind using a lifting belt to level up your training and results.

muscle mass and strength in the gym

How to improve your strength & muscle mass in the gym

Learn more about the strategies, techniques and tips to help level up your training performance to generate better strength and muscle growth. Plus, discover our free guide to help you level up your training and recovery, to maximise gains and unleash your full exercise potential.


8 Grab & Go vegan snacks for fat loss

Need a snack on the run, but have a fat-loss goal? These are our top 8 picks for healthy packaged products you can have to keep you full and satiated between meals, and achieving your weight loss goals.


Micronutrients for vegan athletes

Learn about the importance of certain micronutrients for athletes on a plant-based diet. Which ones can you get, or need to supplement? And which ones do athletes need more of for optimal performance.

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