At Plant Forged, we specialise in plant-based nutrition for athletic performance or a health & fitness goal.

We understand first-hand the additional attention and know-how required for a vegan diet – from appropriate food choices and macronutrient targets, to supplement choices and micronutrients.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just dabbled in an occasional meat-free meal or been a lifelong vegan, we’re here to help you get results on a plant-based diet.

We want a world

where health & fitness doesn't come at the expense of results, animals & our environment.



Caitlin is a passionate coach, vegan, Sports Nutritionist with the Sports Nutrition Association, and ASCA-certified Strength & Conditioning coach. She is also a medal-winning IFBB athlete and insured contest prep coach.

Sports Nutritionist Strength & Conditioning coach IFBB athlete
about caitlin adler vegan coach trainer
She spends much of her time developing her knowledge and skills around sports nutrition, with a speciality for strength sports and bodybuilding. Her results-driven approach provides clients with completely customised, evidence-based programs to maximise outcomes without compromising health and happiness.
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