Leucine: the missing piece to the vegan muscle-building puzzle

Vegan and plant-based diets are continuing to grow in interest and popularity in both people looking to build muscle and become stronger. And it’s no …

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vegans require macros

Why vegans require different macros

“Macros” are the 3 key macronutrient categories that make up our food: Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein. Macro-tracking or “counting” macros is the process of tracking …

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count macros vegan

How to Count Macros: A Step by Step Guide for Vegans

Macronutrients AKA “macros” are the 3 main building blocks of any food: Carbohydrates (Carbs), Fat, and Protein. Learning to ‘track’ macros is a popular nutrition …

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vegan workout nurtition

HOW TO: Pre & Post workout nutrition

No matter if you’re an athlete training for a competition, a weekend gym goer, or figuring out this whole fitness-thing, your pre and post workout …

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vegan snacks weight loss build muscle

Healthy vegan snacks for weight loss and building muscle

Snacks are great! However, due to the sometimes rushed and mindless nature of snacking, the types of snacks that we’d tend to consume are not …

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soy bad for men

Is soy bad for men?

Soy doesn’t have the greatest reputation.   Especially with men.     There are many claims about how soy can impact men’s hormones, physique, sperm counts, …

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