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Etiko High Top Sneakers – All Black


Your favourite high-top sneaker for training, but actually good.

The same cost, but no one pays the price.

Etiko High Top Sneakers are the perfect ethical addition to improve your performance when lifting in the gym. They provide better stability, improved ground feel, enhanced ankle mobility, and firmness for better performance in squats, deadlifts, and other heavy compound lifts.

These shoes are the best way to make your lifts heavier, while making your footprint a little lighter on the planet.

The vegan Etiko High Top Sneakers are made of natural latex rubber, certified organic and Fairtrade cotton canvas upper and laces, contain zero animal glues – and the whole thing is made a certified Fairtrade factory.

They even come in a shoebox made of post-consumer waste!


  • Fairtrade (FLO) and GOTS Certified organic cotton canvas
  • FSC Certified natural rubber latex
  • REACH Certified organic dyes
  • Steel eyelets
  • Built-In Arch Support
  • Non-animal based, vegan glue
  • Made in a Certified Fairtrade (FLO) factory
  • Packaged in a shoebox made from recycled cardboard

The Benefits of Flat-Soled Shoes for Lifting in the Gym

  1. Stability: Flat-soled shoes provide an excellent foundation for lifting heavy weights. They offer stability by reducing the cushioning and arch support found in traditional sneakers, allowing you to maintain a solid connection with the ground.
  2. Improved Ground Feel: These shoes offer better sensory feedback from the ground, helping you maintain proper form, weight distribution, and balance during lifts.
  3. Ankle Mobility: The flat sole promotes a more natural ankle position, which can be beneficial for deep squatting or exercises requiring a wide range of motion. It facilitates better ankle dorsiflexion, essential for proper squatting technique.
  4. Firmness: The firm sole of flat-soled shoes doesn’t compress under heavy loads. This translates to more efficient force transfer from your body to the ground, reducing the risk of instability and better performance.
  5. Versatility: Flat-soled shoes like these Etiko High Tops are versatile, suitable for weightlifting, powerlifting, bodyweight exercises, and general gym workouts. They are a cost-effective choice for all-around training.
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